The Fifth Evangelist

The Fifth Evangelist is the sequel to Sun’s Strong Immortality. It’s the second book in my far-future series, and continues the story of grizzled Wright, young General Shan, Kate Androsson, and the rest of the Alphan-folk on their synthetic planet deep in the Lesser Magellanic.

With Wulf Max defeated and Second Generation in power, spacetime-A sets about consolidating its near-run victory. But its troubles aren’t over. On a world where everyone knows everyone, a nameless woman emerges from the alpha-Pacific on an enormous living raft. Prince Andros returns from his long mission in deep space with a brand-new alphan called Lord John. And spacetime-A must wage war against an implacable external enemy – and a more frightening threat within.

The Fifth Evangelist

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  • The Fifth Evangelist
  • The Sea That Laps Vancouver