Simon Pure

Simon Pure. The child is father to the adult: Most core personalities are fully formed by late youth. Some of the greatest books hark back to the brink of a writer’s adulthood when something leaves him shaken, transformed, and dazzled more than anyone (he thinks) has ever been shaken before.

This is the setting for Simon Pure, my latest novel. A young man – well! Thirty, which seems to be the new 17 – encounters a strange work environment that makes him grow up fast. I don’t really know how to describe this book: I drafted it in sixty white-hot days in 2008 when my fingers blurred on the keyboard trying to keep up with my hero’s misadventures. I’ve never written anything like it; I’ve never ever read anything like it. It’s a blend of the deadly serious and the wildly, unutterably silly. This one, folks, you gotta try.

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  • The Fifth Evangelist
  • The Sea That Laps Vancouver