Imagine how the world would change if we could control matter at the level of the atom. There would be no end to what we could create: blindingly fast quantum computers far smaller than human cells, full medical-diagnostic laboratories on a single microchip, unscratchable kitchen counters, even armour so tough that nothing could get through it. Some of these innovations are on the drawing board, and one—the medical laboratory on a microchip—is on the brink of mass production.

Telling much more than a tale of fantastic discovery, author William Illsey Atkinson explores how and why nanotechnology will impact our everyday lives and profoundly change the world in which we live. Augmented with interviews with the CEOs, engineers, and scientists who are making this remarkable technology a reality, Nanocosm brings nanotechnology to the masses, separates scientific facts from hype, and draws a vivid, compelling portrait of the future.

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  • The Fifth Evangelist
  • The Sea That Laps Vancouver